Lunenburg - The first 100 years: “Cannon & Costumes”
This exhibition was created to tell visitors about Lunenburg’s fascinating beginnings - the story of the town’s first 100 years from when it was founded in 1753.

Visitors will begin by viewing a relief map of the town, showing the streets and house blocks as they were originally laid out in 1753. The town’s layout now is still virtually the same as it was back then, and this is one reason why the old town of Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Status.

As the exhibition continues, the lives of the early settlers are shown through the eyes of one of the town’s first families.

The next piece of the history is the attack on Lunenburg by Boston Privateers and its effect on the town’s folk. Here you can read the story and visualize yourself on the deck of that privateer ship as it entered Lunenburg Harbour - cannon and all!

The Town and its residents became more involved in the sea and trading but that was upset by privateering during the war of 1812. The second owner of the house, Conrad Rhuland, was a privateer prize master - the guides in the Knaut-Rhuland House will tell you all about this.

The final part of our story is all about the crinoline and the important guest who came to the Knaut-Rhuland House in 1858. Come as see who she was.

Don’t miss this chance to learn the Town’s history whilst visiting the Knaut-Rhuland House Museum

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